Ransomware Hotline - How to be Prepared!

So you got Popped with Cyber Ransomware? Learn what steps you can do now, and what you should be prepared for in the future. Feel free to reach out to me for additional information.

I want to be prepared in the future!

What can you do if you are infected?

Ransomware is the fastest growing cyber virus these days. Its the tool of choice to extort $$$ from individuals and businesses. The core of ransomware is to encrypt the harddrive and not allow access to the user files. Most ransoms are requested in Bitcoin (Check out this blogpost on Bitcoin).

Once you are infected, I'm sorry to tell you this, but there is no way to "hack" the encryption to get your stuff back. Should you pay for the ransom is your personal decision and depends on the impact. However, there are steps you can take in the future to prevent yourself of these types of attacks.

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How to prevent this type of Attack

These are the recommendations that Live By!


You must patch your systems to the newest Microsoft, Apple and Application patches. Here are some key ones for each:

Windows Updates
Apple Updates
Ninite - Update multiple applications at once

Anti Malware

I've tested multiple anti ransomware softwares, this one is the best hands down.

Malwarebytes Home
Malwarebytes Office - If you want to buy multiple licenses for multiple workstations

Backup Backup Backup!

You should always have an offsite backup, a good cloud provider that constently backups your computer. If you are ever infected, this will give you a way to recover the files.

Carbonite Backups

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